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About movie

«Last Vegas», is a fansite, non-profit successor of the film «Six-String Samurai». shooting time: June-July 2016. The movie is coming — summer 2017

logline: Two wanderers travel to the capital of post-apocalyptic America through the Mojave desert. The first one is a weird loner who is trying to save the kid as he believes the boy is a true king of Last Vegas. The latter is a vagabond who is running away from himself… Besides many dangers that await them along their way, they are hunted by the henchmen of usurper king Jackson who has betrayed rock’n’roll and condemned heritage of great Elvis!


The story of LAST VEGAS started back in 2016 at Fidel Pictures studio which was formed by the Moscow fans of post-apocalyptic fiction.


 Huge gratitude to our friends financially supported the project: Денис Одиноков, Елена Никитенко, Дарья Брылёва, Елена Мешкова, Антон Маслов, Оксана Ломаева, Любовь Сорокина, ТИО, Павел Мягков, Сергей Павлов, Анна Бурмистрова, «Дон Румата»